Your Project Requirements

Determine and communicate needs & goals

This does not have to be exact, but it is important to describe approximately what you will need so we can determine how easy or hard that might be and come up with a bid accordingly. We talk over your requirements with you and help you as much as you need it to figure this out.

Our Bid

Specify desired pages, features, etc.

We look at the requirements in detail and determine how best and with the least cost we can meet your needs. The bid is typically presented in a detailed format so that you can see where the costs are, and can tailor your end solution by picking and choosing features/aspects of your site.

Contract / Deposit

Sign contract

Pay 30% deposit

When you decide to move forward with our solution, we sign a contract binding us to deliver what we have bid, and binding you to pay for that work. To begin work, we collect 30% down.


Choose design path.

Professional Template? Review templates (we provide) and make decision.

Custom Design? Provide design requirements.

The next step in the process is agreeing on a design. We often use high end, professional design templates. Custom design can be done as well, but to replicate the quality and detailed design of the design templates, it can often add cost.

We start by suggesting several design template prototypes for the client to review and decide from. We want to start with a design that you are really excited about, so we don't rush this part of the process. If the first batch of designs is not what you are looking for, we keep working until we find something you ARE excited about.

Keep in mind that these templates can and will be tweaks to accommodate logo colors, and the particular content and functionality that your site will have.


Provide text

Provide images

Provide videos

Provide any other resources / content

While we are working on getting a design together, you will want to be gathering all your content for the site. Content means all the text, images, videos, etc that you will want on the site. We need a full set of content before we start on the next step.


Ensure all content is in our hands

Sit back and let us do some of the work!

Once you have all the content for the site, we can start implementing it. We don't start this step until the content is done. This is to avoid extra cost. If we have to replace content or significantly modify it once we have already put it up, then it adds cost. We DO expect to fix the occasional typographical error, change wording here or there, so that kind of smaller content tweaks do not add cost.

Adding the content and functionality takes several weeks typically - depending on the complexity of the site.

After our first draft is done, we will let you know. You have two iterations to review the site. This is important because changes after those two iterations add cost. So, we encourage you to be comprehensive and detailed during both of these reviews. Usually, two iterations is plenty to get the site looking and working great.

Live Release

Decide on hosting plan

Give word to release site!

Once you have given us the final okay and you are satisfied the site is great, we will officially release it live.

You probably already have a domain name before this, but you need to select one at this point. Our domain name is "". Once you decide on yours, we register it for you.

All websites require Web Hosting plans that typically incur a monthly fee. You can set this up yourself or we can host your site for you. We charge $29/month, and offer a higher level of services (see here for details), but it is not required and can be more expensive than your typical shared hosting.

If you decide to set up hosting elsewhere, there is an up front cost for us to put the site on the alternative hosting service - usually about 1 hour extra work.

Final Invoice

Pay remaining bill

Once we have your site up and working great, we send you and invoice for the remainder of the cost.

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